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The strength of female entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurship is crucial for inclusive and sustainable economic development. Besides the economic benefits such as income and employment, female entrepreneurship also contributes to societal values such as emancipation and equality.

However, the potential of female entrepreneurship often remains ignored, especially in developing countries and emerging markets. Women in these countries are faced with a lack of opportunities and persistent obstacles to successful entrepreneurship, such as socio-cultural norms and regulations. For many, entrepreneurship is often a choice born out of necessity and primarily a means for survival.

Collective future

At PUM, we recognise the potential of female entrepreneurship and we consider the support of female entrepreneurs as an investment in our collective future. At PUM, we especially strive to reach female entrepreneurs with our support, something which is often a difficult task in itself. However, our experts are able to anticipate the obstacles that female entrepreneurs might experience and, at the same time, respond to the opportunities that emerge. Our expertise and experience therefore allow us to help female entrepreneurs in building their successful and sustainable businesses.

Gender Equality

In this way, PUM contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for example SDG 5: Gender Equality. This goal focuses on equal fundamental rights for women and men worldwide, such as the right for women to develop as entrepreneurs. In many countries and sectors where we operate, there is still a lot of room for improvement in that respect. 

So at PUM the whole month of March is dedicated to female entrepreneurship. This month we will use our communication channels to show you, by focusing on different stories of female entrepreneurs, what – with support of PUM – the potential of female entrepreneurship can be in practice.