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PUM signs cooperation agreement in Benin

Parakou, Benin - On January 14th 2019 PUM signed an agreement to cooperate intensively with two partners: the Institut Universitair des Sciences Economique et Biologiques Appliques (IUSEBA, former ESCG)) and Hospital Saint Jean de Dieu de Boko. This agreement is a good example of the approach of PUM to stimulate sustainable development by a train-the-trainer approach in the health care sector.

The main objective is ambitious: To improve the education of nurses and midwives by upgrading the curricula, established by the government of Benin and the international associations of nurses and midwives (especially the practical training) to international standards. 

The agreement involves several PUM expert advice missions during the coming 4 years. The partners have agreed to improve the competences of the doctors and nurses in the hospitals on how to train students and coaches. A manual for coaching the students in the hospital will be developed. Furthermore, blended learning using ICT in the classroom will be introduced. About 30 schoolteachers and coaches in the hospitals will receive an extensive training.

PUM’s Country Coordinator for Benin, Mr. Philip Todd stated: “Today I am happy to have signed this agreement; it is a very good example of the strategy of PUM to work towards a sustainable approach in the developing countries.”

Mr. Theophile Atekpo from IUSEBA added: “The level of training given here must be equal to the international level. It is thanks to PUM that the state of Benin has trusted us, giving us the authorisation to teach biological sciences. PUM has always helped us.”