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PUM customer in Rwanda crowned tour operator of the year

Hermosa Life Tours and Travel is the best tour operator in Rwanda of the year 2018 according to the country’s Chamber of Tourism. The company received advice from PUM expert Paul van Hek at the end of last year. Paul: “Part of the reason why Hermosa won this award is because of their involvement in wildlife conservation and the education of young people on this matter.”

Oreste Ntirenganya, Managing Director of Hermosa, asked PUM for advice on growing his business, making it stand out from the many other tour operators in the nation as well as getting even more involved with the local community. Paul: “Most tour operators in Rwanda offer the same thing: an endless list of excursions. I recommended them to focus on only a handful of tours, especially those involving eco-tourism, and state these explicitly on their website.”

Next to Hermosa Life Tours & Travel, Oreste also runs Hermosa Wildlife and Conservation. Profits from the company are channelled into the foundation to educate young people in Rwanda on wildlife conservation among other things. Paul: “To increase the foundation’s impact, I suggested during a skype conversation ahead of my advisory mission to organise a debate contest among schools on why wild life conservation is so important. While I was in the country the final was held.” Because of Hermosa’s unique portfolio of tours, their excellent online presence – more than 5500 followers on Facebook and a five star rating on every review site – and conservation efforts, the company more than deserved being crowned ‘tour operator of the year’ according to Paul. Managing director Oreste is of course also thrilled with the award, and the advice he received from the PUM expert. “We are very happy with the support from PUM”.