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PUM Business Circle

Combine aid and trade by means of PUM Business Circle

PUM Business Circle is an initiative designed to unite Dutch businesses that have international operations or aspirations, with a view to addressing challenges in the area of fair trade, international growth and employee involvement in cooperation with PUM Netherlands senior experts.

PUM Business Circle is aimed at medium-sized and large Dutch companies that have operations or aspirations abroad and that are prepared to address a number of international social issues with a sense of entrepreneurship. In other words, entrepreneurs who are willing to assist fellow business people, with a view to achieving further growth themselves. Or businesses that are keen to invest in responsible supply chains, which apply safe and clean working conditions and pay honest wages. And for companies which focus explicitly on both employee involvement and the international development of personal talent.

PUM proudly receives support from the following PUM Business Circle Members:


Points of attention
Countless aspects play a role in the field of international trade. PUM Business Circle, however, places emphasis on the following three topics:

  • CSR in the sense of fair trade & chain responsibility
  • Growth for Dutch companies in developing countries and emerging markets
  • Employee involvement & development of talent

PUM’s mission invariably entails: support for SME in developing countries and emerging markets.

The power of PUM Business Circle

  • You support PUM’s work and offer entrepreneurs in developing countries tangible assistance
  • You can deploy your employees as a PUM expert, which is a unique means of promoting employee involvement
  • Together with PUM and the PUM Business Circle network, you explore possibilities for cooperation in the field of CSR and international growth
  • Participation in PUM Business Circle offers your company exposure in both your own means of communication and ours.

If you are interested and curious to learn what PUM Business Circle can do for your company, please contact PUM Business Circle by tel. +31(0) 349 0 555 or email:

PUM yearly supports around 1400 small and medium sized enterprises in developing counties and emerging markets. Thanks to PUM's pro bono advice, they are able to increase their revenue by an average of 30%. These SME's, with an avarage of 30 employees, subsequently create more jobs, invest more and contribute to a growing local economy. Employment opportunities and a healthy business environment are achieved thanks to the efforts of around 2000 volunteers at PUM and financial support of the Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs and business partners in the Netherlands.