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Metal: Metal Processing

The Dutch metal processing industry depends upon high levels of professional expertise. Combining the knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with the application of modern production techniques is especially valuable when dealing with small and medium sized companies. The PUM experts in this sector combine their professional skills with their long-standing experience in devising and implementing the industry upgrades necessary to cope with ever-changing market demands.
These PUM experts also have knowledge in areas specific to: process optimisation; efficiency and productivity; quality control; environmental and working conditions.

PUM experts are able to give advice on a range of activities related to the processing of metals as well as to the processing of cast iron, steel, and nonferrous materials.


  • Cast, iron, non-ferrous metal processing
  • Metallurgy and alloying
  • Metal processing; Equipment operations, equipment maintenance
  • Workshop management; Advice on technical capability of machinery and the production