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Metal: Metal Construction, Maintenance & Repair

The Netherlands may be a small country, but it is highly innovative. The metal sector employs some 150,000 people. 98% of them work in small or medium-sized enterprises. Everything from screws, fences, stairs, medical tools, luxury yachts and harvesting machines to wheelchairs and so on. The list of metal products that are produced in the Netherlands goes on and on. The Dutch metal sector is internationally known for its flexibility, knowledge and innovative power. It generates about 22 billion euros every year. For instance, cars all over the world drive with parts that are made by Dutch metal companies. The Dutch metal sector is known for its capacity to invent solutions. The sector has an important part in making life more comfortable, efficient and sustainable.

Our experts in the metal construction and maintenance & repair sectors have a very hands-on approach when it concerns providing quick and effective results. In addition to the areas of expertise listed, they can also offer branch-relevant management support. This may concern skills and experience regarding entrepreneurship, strategy, planning, marketing and sales, export, innovation, product development, productivity, quality systems, human resources or environmental issues. The scope of this sector covers all stages, from the processing of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products and from design to maintenance and repair. The sector is not only very familiar with basic metal products but also high-end products ready for the market, such as machine parts, machines, equipment, vehicles, structures, ships and the processing of mechanisation. Our experts can assist with issues regarding construction maintenance and repair.

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