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After a period of political tension, civil war and several attacks on public targets in 2015 the situation in Mali is relatively safe, except for the north-eastern part of the country.
The PUM activities are restricted to the central part of Mali, the area between Bamako, Sikasso, Mopti and Ségou.
The most important sectors are arable and livestock farming and food processing, but also projects on the subjects of soap production, energy and arts & crafts.
The approach of the efforts of PUM is about to change from individual small projects to a total chain approach (to improve the quality of the products, production processes, transport and commercialization) to establish a durable relationship and cooperation with groups of clients with similar demands. An example of this approach is a group of welders in Ségou. They already received assistance from PUM on several missions to improve their skills, learning new methods of production, to differentiate on their activities and to create a workable association to make mutual investments possible.
For the near future there will also be a focus on energy, water and environment, community development and uouth unemployment.
PUM has a partnership with:
FRES, Foundation Rural Energy Services.
2Scale, an organisation for incubating agribusiness in Africa
In preparation:
A partnership (MoU) with AgriProFocus, PNE (Partenaires National d’Eau) and Office de Niger.
Top 3 realised projects in sectors for 2013- 2015:

Business Consultancy: 12
Stockbreeding & Fisheries: 9
Food & Beverages: 7 

  • Daouda KONATE +223 76 02 21 25 Bamako
    Abdoul Kone 00223 79 06 24 79 Sikasso mamassoni Ouest
    Sidy Sounfountera +223 76430631 Koutiala
    Djibril GUISSE +22378530004 Segou Angouleme
    Allaye N'DOURE +223 763 136 54 Bamako
    Nampé Sanogo +22376014308 Sikasso
Country Coordinator
Project officer
Hannah Gutjahr
Freek Warmelink