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PUM has been active in Kenya since 1989 and is currently working with multiple partners. The largest mission is the joint project with SNV Kenya as part of the Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme (KMDP). This SNV programme with a term of nearly 5 years is financed by the Dutch embassy in Nairobi. Kenya is one of the largest milk producers of Africa. Some 20,000 farmers are supported with knowledge and information. PUM experts assist in this. To date there have been 30 missions in which experts in the field of dairy farming have shared knowledge and experience. Concrete results: calf growth has risen from 300 to 600 grams per day while milk production has doubled from around 150 to 300 litres. This project is characterised by the farmer groups that function as informal knowledge exchange groups and the involvement of local consultants and organisations. Other participants include Dutch companies and students. For further information, click here.

PUM also partners in Kenya with:
Shina Capital Centre for Off-shore Financing and investment in Africa
KAM Kenya Association of Manufacterers
KNCCI Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Farm Africa reduces poverty by unleashing African farmers' abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally sustainable way. 

Top 3 sectors:
1. Ruminant Farming (cattle, sheep, goats, etc.)
2. Food & beverage production
3. Tourism, Hotels & Catering


  • Bob van der Bijl +254725707814
    Rhobai Musimbi +254 721 771853 Kakamega
    Duncan Maina +254720751569 Nairobi
    Peter Munyi Kavavei 0254721 747 706
    Geert van Asbeck +254(0)700769963 Nairobi
    Suzzane Wairimu Kuria ±254 722 599 309 Nairobi
    Omole Booker +254721276829 Nairobi
    Inge van den Berg +254792651331 Nairobi
    Charles J. Odhiambo +254(0)736780078 Kisumu
    Julius Alexander Pundo +254735117503 Nairobi
Country Coordinator
Femme Riemersma
Project officer
Karin Overtoom