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Vocational Training

You are a company that has trouble finding skilled employees. You are in touch with a vocational training institute in your region about the improvement of their curriculum, but neither of you have the financial resources to implement changes. PUM can help.
We work with senior experts who have extensive experience in adapting educational programmes to meet business demand. We have successfully worked with over 30 schools, leading to the following results:

  • Graduates that are better equipped to fulfill entrepreneurs’ needs, finding jobs faster.
  • Companies that have less trouble finding skilled employees.
  • Vocational training institutes that have introduced state-of-the-art teaching methods and curricula, resulting in a better connection to the market, improved teaching skills of staff, and increased efficiency of school management.  

PUM has experts available with knowledge and experience in Vocational Training in many sectors. Please take a look at our list of sectors to see where your company fits in. Please note that Vocational Training does not apply for the listed sector Vocational Education, because there is no curriculum development for the market sector of Vocational Education itself.
PUM welcomes project applications that are submitted by the private sector (associations, groups of companies etcetera) or a vocational institute. In all cases, requests for assistance must be supported by both. An application by a vocational institute without reference to (an association of) enterprises (and vice versa) which strongly support(s) the application, can only be catagorized as a project in the Vocational Education sector, and cannot concern improvement of curriculum.
The aim of this approach is to improve the curriculum of the institute so that it will meet the needs of the private sector and graduates will have more success in finding a relevant job. Both the institute as well as the private sector will benefit.
The application must contain a clear description of the needs and goals of the project as well as the details of all applicants. If successful, a vocational training project supported by PUM can last up to 3 years.


  1. Vocational institutes as well as (an association of) enterprises can apply on the PUM website. If needed the PUM representative in your area can assist you.
  2. PUM requires a letter of intent in which both parties (private sector and vocational institute) show their commitment.
  3. We will check if your application meets our criteria.
  4. If so, a fact-finding visit will be planned. During this visit the PUM expert will examine the possibilities for a long term (2-3 years) vocational project. 
  5. Following a positive outcome, a tripartite agreement will be signed by all parties and a plan of operations will be agreed upon. All parties must assign a project manager. 

You always pay for board, lodging and local transportation costs of the expert. PUM pays for the airplane ticket of the expert, insurance, visa costs, admin and other expenses. For a follow-up visit you are asked to contribute to those costs as well. 
Do you want to know more? Please contact one of our representatives in your country.