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Remote Coaching

While most advice given by our experts is based on direct interaction between the entrepreneur and the PUM expert, Remote Coaching is an alternative offered in individual, specific instances. It offers you the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our 2,000 senior experts by using everyday communication channels (Skype, mail, telephone). Whether your application for assistance will be qualified for Remote Coaching depends on a set of factors. As each request is unique and individual, it will be assessed by PUM’s country coordinator in consultation with the sector coordinator where you are active in.
Remote Coaching interventions are advice interventions in itself. For example in case a customer is too small to visit. It can be used in preparation of a future visit, or as a form of aftercare of an advice mission that has taken place already.
Costs will vary based on the duration and intensity of the Remote Coaching process. The PUM representative will inform you about what applies in your case and make further arrangements when there’s an agreement to cooperate.
You have to apply for assistance through our application form. Your applications will be channeled to specialists within PUM. You’ll be informed shortly whether Remote Coaching is a realistic option to address your specific request and individual situation.
Want to know more? Please contact one of our representatives in your country.
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