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Fisheries: Aquaculture & Fish Processing

The fishing industry is a small and very healthy sector of the Dutch economy. The principal activities within the production chain are fishing and farming (aquaculture), processing and (international) trade in fish. The Dutch fleet is one of the most modern fishing fleets in the world. The main types of marine fisheries are pelagic trawling (herring, mackerel, blue whiting) and bottom trawling (dover sole, plaice, codfish and brown shrimp).


  • Fisheries, commercial & traditional
  • Fish farming and hatchery
  • Fish food
  • Fish/seafood: catching, handling, storing, preservation
  • Fish/seafood: shellfish (catching/handling/storing/ preservation)
  • Fish/seafood: crustacean (catching/handling/storing/ preservation)
  • Fish products, seafood: ornamental, breeding
  • Fishing boat /fishing nets; operations, maintenance
  • Aquaculture products, seafood: Fish (breeding, feeding, handling)
  • Aquaculture/seafood: crustacean (breeding/feeding/ handling)
  • Aquaculture/seafood: shellfish/snails (breeding/feeding/ handling)
  • Aquaculture/seafood: seaweed/algae/kelp (breeding/ feeding/ handling
  • By-products (pearls, skins etc.) production/marketing
  • Storage, cooling and drying facilities, packaging
  • Marketing, distribution, fish market and auction
  • Training, education
  • Fisheries/fish farm management
  • Fishing policies/environment/conservation

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