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Dutch hospitality E-learnings go around the world

Ten prominent Dutch companies from the hospitality sector share their internal E-learnings on the Hospitality Online Platform (HOP) from this year on. With the help of the Food Service Network Netherlands, their corporate E-learnings have been made accessible to PUM hospitality experts via the platform. This makes PUM experts even better equipped to do what they are good at: advising entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets. In the Tourism & Hospitality sector, in the countries where PUM is active, 215 companies were visited and assisted by experts in the past year. The available E-learnings are in line with the advice assignments of PUM and include internationally oriented training in areas such as hygiene, serving technique, hospitality and sales. 
The following companies share their E-learnings: 

  • Bilderberg Hotels 
  • Food step 
  • La Place / Food pioneer 
  • Lobsterink 
  • Makro 
  • Mise and Place 
  • Next Novate 
  • Postilion Hotels 
  • SVH 
  • Unilever 

PUM and the HOP are happy to welcome new companies that also want to share their E-learnings. In 2020 they will work towards the most accurate collection of online training courses and they will also investigate other possible ways of collaboration.