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Milk Processing & Products

For centuries, dairy production has been a specialty in the Netherlands. In the past, milk was processed directly at farms in privately owned plants, and in cooperative processing plants. Merger upon merger led to a few very big cooperatives. These cooperatives run a small number of highly specialised highcapacity processing plants. Research and development is foundational to the innovation of large varieties of high quality milk products.


PUM has experts available for assistance with: Management, business planning, finance & administration, production & technology, logistics, products, equipment selection and procurement, new products, process optimisation, hygiene, product quality, Quality Assurance, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System, Good Manufacturing Practice, sales, marketing, distribution, energy, plant processing, factory design.

PUM can assist a family farm business, or small dairy enterprise, regarding the production and the distribution and sale of a variety of consumer products, such as pasteurised/long-life milks, yoghurts, cheeses, and ice cream.

Our experts are specialists in the product development of soft and hard cheeses, and of butters and creams, of yoghurts and yoghurt desserts, of ice cream and sorbets, of baby food, dairy powders, and of all the other products made from milk. The milk can be from a variety of sources: cows, goats, sheep, and camels.

Our experts are very experienced in all areas of dairy processing such as evaporating & drying, pasteurisation, sterilisation, Ultrahigh temperature processing and aseptic processing. We also have experts who know a lot about filling & packaging, cheese processing, QA, and about the implementation of HACCP systems.

In the area of management & organisation, we have experts, as well as in the areas of plant design, plant production processes, plant management, efficiency enhancement, and the marketing & sales of all the above mentioned products and services.

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