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Hospitality: Catering, Restaurants & Events

All restaurants can be categorised according to a set of social parameters defined as polar opposites: high or low, cheap or expensive, familiar or exotic, formal or informal and so forth. Restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, but the bottom line is that customers spend disposable income and hence competition is fierce. Your business will only flourish if people truly like what you do.


  • Restaurants, management service
  • Finance/ menu calculation
  • Kitchen management
  • Cooking: Asian/Italian/Mexican
  • Pastry/chocolate
  • Eco
  • Stock control, HACCP
  • Education/training; curriculum/train the trainer
  • Education/training; problem-based learning
  • Catering: management and calculation
  • Catering: kitchen, food & beverages, HACCP
  • Events: meetings, incentives, conferences & exhibitions (MICE)
  • Franchise management
  • Website/(E)-marketing

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