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Building Materials: Supplies & Systems

In today’s fast moving global economy customers in the building industry expect reliability and quality in the design, the construction and the materials to improve the safety and durability of the constructions. Our experts here at PUM have been in the forefront of  improving the quality of the Netherlands building industry. This sector focusses on the the production and supply of building materials . Please be as specific as possible about the issues for which you want a PUM expert to help you with, so we can arrange for the best possible match.

PUM experts have successfully assisted entrepreneurs in acquiring the skills necessary in mastering the following key issues in the industry: Inferior quality basic materials and/or the wrong combination of these materials can lead to inferior quality of the final product and can lead to premature failure of the construction. Our experts possess extensive knowledge in the selection of the materials and choosing the right combination of these materials. The quality of the production process and the used technology govern the economy and profitability of the enterprise. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of the different production processes and can select and assist in improving these processes to the benefit of the enterprise. The success of the enterprise depends on the quality of the management and sales effort. Our experts possess extensive knowledge in the field of management, marketing and sales in this industry.

To find out more, please download the sector sheet Building materials, supplies and systems on the right hand side of this page.