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Atos Foundation & PUM

PUM has been involved for several years in helping the John Fisher Teacher Trainings Institute (JFTTI) in Northern Uganda. JFTTI strives to give ICT education to its students, and teach specialized ICT courses to further groups of students. 

The goal of the institute is to create more chances for the students to find a job and build better lives. Additional sponsoring funds of 10,000 Euro were obtained from Atos to help with the construction and equipment of the computer classroom. Atos also offered practical help by means of corporate volunteering. Dylienne Every, an ICT expert of Atos Origin, went on an advisory mission to Uganda, to implement Internet Management. Dylienne did the installation and trained the local staff in using the device. The mission was successful according to all parties involved. 

Willem Hoektra, chairman of the board of the Atos Foundation, is very enthusiastic about the cooperation with PUM: “We’re very excited that we could be of help in this project: mission accomplished!” He is looking forward to the next advisory mission and continuing the cooperation between the Atos Foundation and PUM. 

Find more information about the JFTTI and PUM here.