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Annual report 2018 – Change makers

Our annual plan 2018 started with the promising introductory title: Change makers. Was change realized? We invite you to visit where we explain in detail all of our core activities in 2018.

40th Anniversary - Practical knowledge, positive impact

The year 2018 marked our 40th anniversary, with full focus on the years ahead. We initiated various festivities and activities throughout the year, with the Youth Employment conference in March and the celebration conference in September as key highlights. The approval of an additional subsidy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came as exciting news during celebrations and certainly helps to build PUM’s promising future.


In the year 2018 our engaged, trustworthy and knowledgeable pool of almost 2000 PUM experts, supported a total of 1505 small and medium-sized enterprises, Business Support Organisations and incubators  (companies that assist start-ups) in 38 countries worldwide. Many of these businesses are run by female and young entrepreneurs. We also organized 54 Business Links in collaboration with the Dutch private sector. We have strengthened our programmatic approach, illustrated by our involvement in 40 support programmes worldwide. This allows us to deepen the collaboration with our customers and partners and to generate more impact.


Our prolonged involvement in PRIME - PRIME stands for Pioneering Real‐time Impact Monitoring and Evaluation - allows us to monitor and evaluate the impact of our activities. One of PRIME’s key conclusions was that PUM continued to contribute to positive changes in the business practices and the sales, profits, and employment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Best Practices

In PUM's online Annual Report, we also highlight some best practices from projects in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. These stories will give you more insight into our way of working and the changes realized around key themes such as Food Security, Corporate Social Responsibility, Female Entrepreneurship and Youth employability.

PUM looks forward to the years ahead to further strengthen our engagement for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets.  

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