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Ethics Committee

Ethical conduct is one of the mainstays of PUM. Situations and developments nevertheless occur sometimes which prompt one to ask: is this morally acceptable to PUM? Which steps and decisions are actually the correct ones to take?
It is the Ethics Committee’s duty to intervene in such circumstances.
The Committee is there to assist everyone involved with PUM. The Committee plays an advisory role. Anyone may opt to submit concrete issues, while the Committee itself takes the initiative to tackle matters. The choices ensuing from the advice issued may also be reflected in PUM’s code of conduct. 
Whatever the circumstances, PUM’s consultancy practice endeavours to issue clients effective, competent advice, which should enable both their organisation and workforce to flourish. And while this may sound simple and logical, it can nevertheless prove quite difficult in practice. For instance, a company’s own interests may conflict with those of the employees or the environment. In that case, one has to ask oneself: What is most prudent? 
The topics that the Committee may have to address might perhaps be related to the risk or suspicion of: 
- a conflict of interests
- discrimination
- corruption
- unsafe or unfair working conditions
- unfair terms of employment
- tension between short and long-term perspectives
- tension between personal benefit and that of the entire sector or group
- tension between local and regional/global interests.
Whenever such topics are discussed, the issue invariably remains: how should we deal with conflicting standards and values? For instance, the standards and values applicable in the country or region where we are operating and our own ideas? Or a PUM employee’s standards and values and those of a staff volunteer?
In addressing these issues, the Committee therefore enables PUM to both take conscious decisions and to act appropriately.
While involved in PUM business, have you encountered an ethical issue on which you require sound advice? If so, please inform us by sending an email to Those working internally at PUM also have the option of raising an issue anonymously by leaving a message in the Committee’s mailbox.  
Members of the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee comprises members of PUM staff and independent experts. The fact that it is composed in this manner enables the Committee to examine issues and weigh up the various interests with a certain measure of objectivity.

The following people are members:

Chris Engelsman - Coordinator, PUM voluntary staff
Daniëlle Kraakman - Secretary, PUM permanent staff
Monica Schröder - PUM expert
Roeland ten Napel - PUM Sector coordinator Hospitality: Catering, Restaurants & Events
Michiel Korthals - PUM Expert and former Professor of Bioethics
Peter van den Broek - PUM expert and observer
Johan Wempe - Professor of Business Ethics VU